Floki Inu – A Cryptocurrency Centered Around the Shiba Inu

Floki Inu – A Cryptocurrency Centered Around the Shiba Inu

The Floki Inu is a new cryptocurrency based on the Binance Smart Chain, and is the descendant of meme father Dogecoin. It has smart sharing features, and every investor gets more Floki than they invested. Every investor also receives a 5% commission fee for every transaction they make with their card. The first day of Floki trading is September 2021, and it’s projected to soar over two million percent by then.

Shiba Floki Inu is a cryptocurrency centered around the Shiba Inu, a dog. Currently, the currency is down more than 70% from its all-time highs. Those who believe in the cryptocurrency should take advantage of this opportunity to invest in a digital asset that is both affordable and centered around a dog. The FLOKI token was less than $0.00000002 at the beginning of August, but it’s risen tremendously in a few months.

This cryptocurrency is a good example of a blockchain project that’s being launched by Elon Musk. While there are many other ICOs that promote a crypto coin, Floki Inu stands out for its community-based approach. For instance, Floki Inu is partnered with an Italian football club, so its logo will appear on their jerseys. This partnership also involves a new kind of lending system called Inverse Finance, where FLOKI Vikings borrow funds to buy Floki Inu tokens.

There are also some positive points about the Floki Inu. Its partnership with a reputable exchange and the innovations it has introduced, are all reasons to invest in this crypto. However, its price is undergoing a bearish trend, following the footsteps of other meme coins such as Dogecoin. As of December 20, the coin’s price is down by more than 80%, and the future of Shiba Floki Inu is uncertain.

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